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Who we are

It’s about choice. Your choice. 

Choice is what makes Community Options different from other agencies that provide similar services. Whether its people with developmental or physical disabilities, or helping people with brain injuries or mental health/substance abuse issues find work, at the heart of it is our mission: Community Options exists to help people live individually and be active in their community.

No matter what service we are providing, it’s about you. It is about your hopes and dreams and what you want for your life.  Community Options is here to support you in those choices. Our services are directed by you and your family. This unique and individualized approach is what sets Community Options apart. At Community Options we are dedicated to support and empower you to choose and live a life that gives you dignity and respect.

What we do


Community Options assists people to live and work in the community of their choice.

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Our Developmental Disability Services offers different programs that assists individuals with developmental disabilities and elderly individuals in their homes and their community.

Residential Habilitation (Res Hab)

Res Hab coordinates supports within each person’s living environment to maximize their potential and relationships within their community. It can range from a few hours a day or a week to as much as 24 hours per day.

Independent Habilitation (IND HAB)-

Ind Hab services provide approximately two hours per week of coordination and/or direct support to individuals living in their home or apartment to maintain independence. These services include: money management, health and wellness, meal planning and shopping.

Day Habilitation (DAY HAB)

Day Hab is a personalized, unique day service alternative to traditional facility based day programs. Not only are all services provided within the community, but there are also no prescribed activities or programs from which people must choose. Instead, each person is assisted in designing a personalized program based on their specific interests and desired outcomes.

Family Support Services

Family Support Services are flexible services designed to support the family in the care of an individual with a disability. Trained staff are available to provide respite care in the family’s home, or in the community.

Qualified Service Provider Program (QSP)

QSP’s delivers in-home services such as personal care and household tasks. Services are available to elderly individuals and persons with disabilities based on their needs.

Our Behavioral Health Services will work with you to overcome barriers; and help you take steps to achieve your goals.

We provide a variety of person-centered services including Case Management, Care Coordination, Employment, Education, Housing, Peer Supports and more.

Targeted Case Management

This Medicaid program offers services furnished to assist individuals, eligible under the State Plan, in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services necessary for appropriate care and treatment.


The 1915(i) is a Medicaid program that allows individuals with behavioral health conditions to access additional home and community-based services

Family Services

The Family Check-Up is a brief, strengths-based intervention for families with children ages 2 through 17. The intervention aims to promote positive family management and addresses child and adolescent adjustment problems. The Family Check-Up® has two phases: 1.) An initial assessment and feedback and 2.) Parent management training.

Community Connect

This program provides community-based behavioral health services designed to assist individuals through the provision of care coordination and peer support.

Free Through Recovery (FTR)

This program is a community based behavioral health program designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns.

Job Opportunities and Basic Skills (JOBS)

The JOBS Program helps individuals by providing career training and education, outreach & case management services, and financial literacy training. The goal of the JOBS Program is to assist individuals in becoming self-sufficient. While involved with the JOBS program, individuals work directly with an Employment Specialist to develop a plan based on their interests, skills, values, and personality to ensure their vocational success. Apply at your local county social services office.

ND Rent Help

Offers rent help (up to 12 months) to prevent evictions of qualifying North Dakota renters.  Can also help pay past-due utility bills (electric, natural gas and other heating sources, water, sewer and garbage services) of qualifying North Dakota renters.


This program provides participating individuals opportunities to overcome barriers, gain skills, or experience and participate in supervised job search activities that will improve their employment prospects and reduce their reliance on SNAP benefits.

Crossroads Program

Crossroads is a voluntary program that assists young parents up to the age of 21 in attaining goals while pursuing their high school, GED or college education. While enrolled in the program participants have access to one on one support, receive a monthly financial incentive, are eligible for state child care assistance and can receive a monthly stipend for transportation assistance. Community Options accepts referrals for the Crossroads program. To enroll in this program contact us today!

Ticket to Work Program

Participation in the Ticket to Work program is solely for beneficiaries of SSI and/or SSDI. The program is voluntary and the individual has a choice of which Employment Network to assign their ticket to. Community Options is an approved Employment Network that offers help to find meaningful work and keep your Medicaid/Medicare while you work. We can help you with career planning, job coaching, job accommodations and placement services. Click here to get started!

Vocational Rehabilitation

This program offers personalized services to individuals needing assistance securing employment. We provide job development, job placement, on-site job coaching, and follow-along services to individuals referred from Vocational Rehabilitation offices at the Human Service Centers across the state.

Vocational Extended Services

The State of North Dakota’s Extended Services (ES) program makes long-term support services available to persons with disabilities who work in community-based employment settings. The goal of the program is either regular or customized employment at minimum or prevailing wages with ordinary benefits or else self-employment. Integration and interaction with individuals without disabilities is assured under the ES program.

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

LIHEAP is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and is also known as ‘fuel assistance’. Its’ purpose is to provide home energy assistance to eligible low income households. LIHEAP provides the following services for eligible individuals and families; heating assistance, weatherization services (insulation, weather stripping etc.), furnace and chimney cleaning, furnace repair and replacement, and emergency assistance. These seasonal benefits are based on your household’s income, size, assets, and type of housing and fuel. Applications are accepted from October through May of each heating season. For assistance in the application process, or to find out more, call Community Options. We’re here to help!

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