About Family Check-Up®:

Community Options proudly provides the Family Check-Up®, a brief, strengths-based family intervention. This intervention aims to promote positive family management and address child and adolescent adjustment problems.

Family Check-Up is supported by over 30 years of research and has been proven to decrease child behavioral problems, childhood depression, and adolescent substance use, promote healthy childhood development, enhance school adjustment and self-regulation, and foster positive parenting.

Intervention Process

The Family Check-Up addresses the specific needs and strengths of each family. We utilize motivational interviewing to assist parents in identifying what they want to change to improve relationships with their children and their behaviors. There are two phases with this program; getting to know the family through various questionnaires and assessments, and follow-up. The first phase includes three main components:

  1. The initial interview involves rapport building and motivational interviewing to explore parental strengths and challenges related to parenting and the family context
  2. Child and Family Assessment which includes parent and child questionnaires, a teacher questionnaire for children that are in school, and a videotaped observation of family interactions; and
  3. Feedback Session that involves reviewing assessment results and discussing follow-up service options for the family. Follow-up services will include Everyday Parenting and may include clinical or other support services in the community.

Everyday Parenting

Phase Two includes follow-up services which may involve the Everyday Parenting program, a mandatory parent management training in North Dakota. This program is built upon the Family Check-Up® and acts as a companion program for it.

Everyday Parenting is a curriculum designed to teach parents positive parenting skills. It is modular, allowing the sessions to be tailored to the specific needs of the family based on the Family Check-Up® assessment.



  • Eligibility must be determined for a child based on specific criteria that has been established by the federal government and will be verified by the ND Department of Human Services. Once a child’s eligibility is approved the child and parent/caregiver can receive access to approved Title IV-E Prevention Services.
  • The child must:
  • Reside in North Dakota
  • Be ages 2-17
  • Be in the home of a parent/caregiver
  • Have moderate to severe barriers in the home, school, or community
  • Have moderate to severe barriers in their achievement of a developmentally appropriate skill
  • Not be in an open foster care program or under the custody of a public agency (Human service zone, Division of Juvenile Services, or Tribal Social Services); with the EXCEPTION of a pregnant or parenting youth.


Looking to Apply?

The individual eligibility application allows for parents/caregivers, public and private agencies, treatment providers, tribal social services, juvenile court, and others to complete and submit an application on behalf of the child.

More info can be found here.



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