The role of the Care Coordinator is to ensure that the individual's needs, preferences, and voice are given priority in the person-centered planning process. The Care Coordinator will carry out a comprehensive assessment and reassessment of the individual's needs, develop a person-centered plan of care, create a crisis plan, implement and monitor the plan, make referrals, establish collateral contacts, and follow up on activities.

Eligible individuals will collaborate with a Care Coordinator to develop a Plan of Care, which may include various services.

  • Training and support for unpaid caregivers
  • Community Transitional Services
  • Benefits Planning
  • Non-medical transportation
  • Respite
  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Supported Education
  • Supported Employment
  • Housing Supports
  • Family Peer Support
  • Peer Support
1915 Cc Square


  • Age 0+; and
  • Currently enrolled in ND Medicaid or Medicaid Expansion; and
  • Household income is at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level; and
  • WHODAS score of 25 or above; and
  • Resides in and will receive services in a setting meeting the federal home and community-based setting requirements, and
  • Has one or more qualifying diagnosis

Looking to Apply?

A 1915(i) application may be submitted by


By mail: Customer Support Center PO Box 5562 Bismarck, ND 58506

in-person at any Human Service Zone office (find your local Human Service Zone here)

or call: 1 (866) 614-6005 or (701) 328-1000; 711 (TTY) for assistance


In collaboration with the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services.

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