Free Through Recovery aims to enhance healthcare outcomes and reduce recidivism by providing top-quality community behavioral health services linked with community supervision.

Participants of Free Through Recovery will collaborate with local providers to receive the following services:


This service includes an ongoing source of connection, which helps participants access treatment and recovery support services, and creatively address any barriers to individual success. It also involves the provision of assessment, care planning, referrals, and monitoring collaboration with clinical services and probation and parole.


This service provides access to supportive housing, educational opportunities, gainful employment, leisure activities, wellness, family and community social supports, parenting education, spiritual engagement, nourishment assistance programs, and other individualized resources needed to help participants lead a healthy and fulfilling lives.


Connection with a peer who has a similar experience. Peer Support Specialists provide mentorship, advocacy, and additional recovery support.


  • Be a North Dakota Resident
  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Be involved in the criminal justice system (parole/probation, transitioning from prison)
  • Be at risk for future criminal justice involvement
  • Show signs of a behavioral health condition, such as:

- Bipolar disorder

- Major depression

- Psychotic disorders of all types

- Post-traumatic stress disorder

- Obsessive-compulsive disorder

- Borderline personality disorder

- Panic disorder

- Moderate and severe substance use disorder(s)

  • Display concerns/challenges in areas of daily living (housing, employment, etc.)
  • Be referred to the program by a parole or probation officer, or if the person is transitioning from prison, through assessment within prison facilities.

Looking to Apply?

On Community Supervision - contact your Parole or Probation Officer

Transitioning from Prison - Contact your Case Manager in the facility where you reside


Community Options is a proud provider of Free Through Recovery, a program funded and administered by the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services.

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