• Day Habilitation: is a personalized day service where individuals participate in recreational/leisure activities and volunteer opportunities. Not only are all services provided within the community, but there are also no prescribed activities or programs from which people must choose. Instead, each person is assisted in designing a personalized program based on their specific interests and desired outcomes.
  • Employment Support Services: are offered to assist individuals who would like to have a job in individual or group settings. Employment Services has three different programs available to individuals:
  1. Prevocational increases a person's readiness to work independently with one-on-one staff support. An individual can only be in this program for a specific amount of time which is decided by the state.
  2. Small Group Employment is where an individual is employed and working at a job in a group of at least two people with staff support throughout their shift.
  3. Individual Employment offers one-on-one staff support to individuals for a specified amount of time each month.


  • Your local Human Service Zone will determine eligibility.

Looking to Apply?

Those interested in receiving Day Habilitation Services should contact their local Human Service Center and DD Program Manager.


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