Community Options has been serving North Dakota for almost 30 years. We were founded in 1997 on the foundation that people should determine how they want to live and work. Our approach is centered around the people we serve, and we help them overcome any obstacles to achieve self-sufficiency on their terms.

We specialize in customized support through our Residential and Behavioral Health Departments. Our Residential Services aim to enhance daily life and community involvement, while our Behavioral Health Department offers comprehensive health and rehabilitation programs. We prioritize individual choice and responsibility, and we support our participants in achieving their goals.

With ten office locations across the state, we meet people wherever they prefer, and at any stage of their journey. Our dedicated team provides care coordination, peer support, employment support, tenancy support, and in-home care. Our mission is our driving force: Community Options exists to help people live individually and be active in their community.


What We Do

No matter what service we provide, it's always about you and your unique goals and aspirations. At Community Options, we recognize that our services are directed by you and your family. Our individualized approach sets us apart, because we are dedicated to supporting and empowering you to live a life that gives you the dignity and respect you deserve. Choose a life you're proud of, and let us help you make it a reality.

Community Options Residential and Day Services assist individuals with developmental disabilities and elderly individuals in their homes and their communities.

Community Options Behavioral Health Programs are for anyone living in North Dakota who is experiencing barriers caused by a mental health diagnosis, substance abuse, low income, unemployment, homelessness, and more.

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Community Options Locations

Community Options offers personalized support across all 53 counties in North Dakota through ten convenient office locations.

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If you do not qualify for the program above or are looking for other resources, please contact us through our chat or contact form.