Behavioral Health Care Coordination

Care coordination assists in the development of the person-centered care plan. Coordination of community-based resources and services is also employed to help participants set short and long-term goals and provide a sense of connection and support.

Behavioral Health Support Services

Supportive services are provided to help program participants enhance their way of living and achieve self-sufficiency. Supportive Services shall be provided through coordination with existing agencies delivered through a combination of both home- and community-based delivery mechanisms.

Family Check-Up®

Family Services is a brief, strength-based intervention that focuses on the specific needs and strengths of each family. The intervention aims to promote positive family management and addresses child and adolescent adjustment challenges. This program is for school aged children between 2-17 who display disruptive, risk-taking behaviors, depressed or anxious moods, or substance abuse.

LIHEAP Application Assistance

Assist clients with the LIHEAP application. This includes assistance obtaining needed documentation such as, income verification, approved expenses, utility bills, and more.