Each parent participating in the Crossroads Program will work individually with a dedicated Care Coordinator who will provide continuous guidance and support. The Care Coordinator and parent will:

  • Complete an assessment, discuss education goals, and identify any barriers that might prevent achieving education goals
  • Meet at least once per month
  • Determine transportation allowance
  • Monitor involvement in educational activities and provide help if needed (tutoring, etc.)
  • Complete a progress report at the end of each semester that may include school staff

Once a parent receives their high school diploma or GED through the Crossroads Program, they qualify for a one-time graduation incentive.

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  • Under the age of 21

Exception: If the parent is already participating in the Crossroads program and enrolls in a bachelor's degree program, they are eligible until the degree is completed.

  • Pursuing an education
  • North Dakota resident
  • Primary caregiver of child
  • Parents who are married or unmarried
  • Living in same house with the child

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In collaboration with the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services.

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