Community Options is a for-profit corporation that is dedicated to supporting people to live a lifestyle of individual choice, which enhances dignity and respect through meaningful employment, owning or renting a home, having relationships, and meaningful roles within their community.

Services are divided between two (2) general departments:

  •  Residential Services provides a variety of support in the individual’s home and in the community through several different programs depending on the level of support requested and the location where the support is needed.
    • Residential Services refer to the people they serve as, customers.
  •  Behavioral Health Services offers a variety of contracted programs to include, health, housing, and other Rehabilitative Services. Referrals are received from several agencies across North Dakota.
    • Behavioral Health Services refer to the people they serve as, clients.

The programs of Community Options are designed to provide personalized services allowing each customers/clients the right to express their dreams and desires, and to make and carry out the decisions necessary to see those desires fulfilled. The role of Community Options is to provide the support necessary to assist in making those life decisions and to understand the responsibilities that come with those choices.

The employees of Community Options work for each of our customers/clients; their satisfaction is one of the most important factors in evaluating the quality of support as well as the performance of our agency to assist them in attaining their outcomes and goals.